Cybersecurity for Seniors: Easy and Practical Advice - Shared screen with speaker view
Sunrise Senior Living
Please feel free to enter any questions into the chat, and we will answer them at the end!
Michael Young
We hear about passcode managers being hacked so they're not totally secure either. For passcode management, what do you think about setting up an encrypted spreadsheet (or file) that you back up to the cloud or a flash drive just in case your computer crashes?
Don Rickter
Audio has bad feedback. Where is the closed captioning?
Anna Maria Parkinson
How do you check who the author of an app is?
Eileen Adler
Are there better security systems? Which do you recommend? Thank you.
Don Rickter
Can you reply by writing in the chat? I can’t understand the audio.
Marilyn Wittlinger
Get at least 4-6 message a week from Rackspace saying too many emails, password expiring, won';e get any more emails, etc. I look to see where it is coming from and always a different email, and obviously not official. How cdan I stop them from coming. So far avoided clicking on it but it is such a temptation.
Sally Samuels
Safety of PayPal and Apple Pay?
Richard Oberhelman
Do you think that its necessary to have an anti malware program in addition to an antivirus program like MacAfee or Trend Micro on your computer?
Ivan S
will a recording of this webinar be sent to everyone? thx
Anna Maria Parkinson
How do you check who the author of an app is?
Sally Samuels
Thank you. Great info.